ne Mikumo is Sumire's female cousin who always tries to look out for her, like an older sister. The night Sumire asks to move into Venus Vanguard, she is secretly watching and jumps to the wrong conclusion.


She cares about Sumire very much and is always looking out for her. She never believed in the ghosts that Sumire saw as a child, but still hung out with her even when she claimed to see weird things. She also is sneaky and teases her little brother about Sumire. She does however encourage her brother to ask Sumire out on a date (despite the two being cousins.) Sumire was very reluctant to introduce Nene to the boy she met in the park, afraid that she would be over protective of her. Nene is also quick to jump to conclusions.


Nene has pink hair that ends just past her shoulders, which she wears half up in two pigtails, and half down. She has light green eyes is typically seen wearing her school uniform.


Nene is introduced in the very first chapter of the manga when Sumire sees a virus for the first time. There is a flashback of Nene not believing her as a child to explain why she doesn't mention the weird creature to her cousin.