Lola (Laura in the English version of the anime) is one of the protagonists in this series. She's a mysterious blonde girl who lives with Lucia and Nahashi. She has a twin sister named Layla who is one of the antagonists in the series.


Lola has a fondness for chocolate and is almost always seen eating chocolate pocky. She acts very much like a child with her love of sweets, and has the appearance of one.


Lola has long blond hair and light purple eyes. Both Lola and her sister never seem to age because they were actually soulless dolls created by Lucif and Nahashi's teacher.


Lola doesn't appear until Chapter 17 of the manga. She shows up right after Lucia and Sumire are making up from a fight/misunderstanding and announces that she will be staying with them for a while. Having just seen Layla moments before, the girls mistake Lola for her twin. When they try to fight her, they cause her to drop her box full of pocky, breaking it and upsetting her. She proceeds to fight them with chocolate weapons until Lucia catches her and demands an explanation. At which point Lola hands over an envelope that explains why she is there.