Layla is Lola's twin. She is one of the antagonists in the series, so one might say that she is the evil twin.


Though in the anime she seems to be rather passive, in the manga Layla gives off a more sinister presence. In the anime, Layla loves konpeito candy as much as Lola loves chocolate. In the manga however, both twins love to eat chocolate pocky. Also in the manga, on the first occasion Layla is seen hunting, she returns back to the base before everyone else does with a filled quota because it was tea time.


Layla appears to be a young blond girl with light purple eyes. However, neither she, nor her sister, ever seem to age, due to the fact that they are both some type of doll.


Layla first appears in Chapter 14 of the manga, where Nahashi tries to stop her after she destroys a young boy to get his shard (in all fairness, she did save the boy from becoming "one of those ugly sumy viruses" by not just taking his shard.) Layla tosses Nahashi away and as we see in the next chapter, makes it back to the hideout in time for her tea.