Guy is another one of Sonoka's henchman. He works with Ruka and Layla.


He has a similar personality to Ruka, though has proven to be more skilled than her; he has the power to control fire and earth. He gets angry rather easily when fighting Lucia, be seems to like it best when things go smoothly, preferring the easy prey when it comes to gathering shards. He acts lazy initially, but can really put up a fight when he needs to.


Guy has shoulder length red/burnt oragne hair and dark orange eyes. He wears black line makeup on his eyes, a black jacket with black straps across his chest, black pants, and black boots.


Guy first appears in Chapter 11 of the manga, he is hanging out with Ruka on a rooftop (and complaining about being there) after her first fight with Lucia.

We don't see him again until Chapet 13, which is just for a moment when he comments on hunting for shards being fun.

In Chapter 14, despite orders not to kill her, he plans to fight against Lucia when she tries to protect Youji-kun from him when he is out hunting for shards.  Citing that nobody said he couldn’t almost kill her, he threatens to “mess her up bad” if she doesn’t step aside.